Meet the Team

Meet the Team

A student-led effort

Founded in 2000, Wisconsin Robotics proudly represents the students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the pursuit of advanced robotic systems. Team members design, test, and implement autonomous and remotely-operated robots for international competitions and practical applications. Additionally, the team's goals include educating the public, developing skills in design and project management, and utilizing skills of a variety of engineering disciplines to be carried forward into student's professional careers.

The teams

Wisconsin Robotics is made of teams, each contributing to the development of the rover. These sub-teams, encompassing electrical, software, and mechanical focus, collaborate together for the organization,design, development, and construction of the rover for our competition. Moreover, Wisconsin Robotics extends its impact through dedicated outreach initiatives. The outreach team engages with communities to bring interest in robotics. The entire organization is run by our leadership and operations teams, who handle sponsorships, allocating money, projects, and bringing in new members continuously.

The team